Rayat Bahra Dental College and Hospital

Oral & Maxillofacila Pathology and Oral Microbiology

Oral and maxillofacial pathology is the specialty of dentistry and pathology that investigates the cause, nature, process and effects of the diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial regions. Department of oral pathology is also involved in training the undergraduates in oral biology, a composite of basic Dental Sciences & their clinical applications which includes instructions in the subject of Dental Morphology, Oral Embryology, Oral Histology and Oral Physiology. The department is concerned with the teaching of Dental Anatomy, Oral Histology and Oral Physiology to Ist year BDS students and Oral Pathology to II & III year BDS students. Clinical dentistry is largely based on the foundation of study of this discipline.

The department is well equipped for under graduate teaching. It has a spacious practical hall for the undergraduate students where the practical classes are taken and a museum displaying various dental anatomy specimens’ models as well as casts.

Oral Pathology department is actively involved in providing services to the patients in the areas of histopathology, cytology, and microbiology. The histopathology lab has the latest facility for tissue processing as well as staining techniques. The lab has an array of equipment including a microtome, automatic knife sharpener, research microscopes including, projection as well as stereomicroscope.

Biopsy specimens are received from other departments of the college, which are processed, and final diagnosis is reported. Biopsyspecimens from the various private clinics in neighborhood are referred to the department for a reliable diagnosis.