Rayat Bahra Dental College and Hospital

Public Health Dentistry

The mission of Department of Public Health Dentistry is to provide leadership and excellence in the field of dental health promotion and dental public health. A fundamental component of department’s mission is to provide excellence in teaching at undergraduate level.

Department Infrastructure

The department is equipped with 16 Dental chairs, Autoclaves & Ultrasonic cleaners. They are used to train undergraduate student to assess oral health status using indices and also for preventive dentistry, application of pit &fissure sealants and fluoride gel. The department has a well-equipped mobile dental bus with two fully functional dental chairs with all attachments, generator and A.C. with seating capacity for 15 doctors. Health education models are used to provide health education and motivation. The Dental museum displays, posters and models meant for dental health awareness and education of general public.


In final BDS, clinical, outreach and theoretical knowledge is imparted to the students through lectures, clinical teaching and oral health screening and treatment camps. Hands on knowledge of epidemiology are provided through surveys and indices. Students are trained to impart oral health awareness in community through health talks and street plays.


The department undertakes a plethora of outreach activities to benefit the population in and around Mohali. These include screening and treatment camps, oral health awareness camps, street plays, rallies, health melas and distribution of oral hygiene kits. Till date, around 50 villages, residential areas, schools and other institutions in and around Mohali have been screened and treated for oral disease. Department of Public Health Dentistry has also adopted 5 villages to ensure a further strengthening of interaction with the community by organizing regular community-oriented programs.

The department has a very high output of research and publications. The research activity has a wide contribution to the epidemiological studies and behavioural sciences. In terms of patient care, it has an extensive outreach program where dental care is delivered to surrounding areas with the help of mobile dental van. The department maintains three outreach centres to serve the population of Mohali District. The department screens and treats around 10,000 patients annually and supports continuing dental education by organising CPD programs for the benefit of the dental fraternity.